Terms of Service


I authorize Demeter IT, LLC technician(s) to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that Demeter IT, LLC technician(s) have been trained to perform work on electronic devices but Demeter IT, LLC is not an authorized service dealer. Further, I release, indemnify and hold harmless Demeter IT, LLC against any and all costs, expenses, (including reasonable attorney fees), liabilities, losses, damages, suits, claims, actions or demands of any kind that may arise from any work performed on my electronic device. I understand that Demeter IT, LLC asks that I change my password after work on my electronic device has been completed and returned to me.

I understand that Demeter IT, LLC is not responsible for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my electronic device. I understand that it is my responsibility to back-up all data prior to repair service.

I understand that Demeter IT, LLC will not browse through my personal or private or confidential information or data; however, technicians may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. I understand that any confidential data should be removed from the device prior to having repair work performed on the device. The technician is mandated by law to report any illegal activity to the authorities.

I understand that repairs or technical support performed by Demeter IT, LLC may void manufacturer warranties. Demeter IT, LLC and its affiliates do not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed.

2. Cancellation Policy

We require two (2) hour cancellation notice prior to our scheduled arrival, otherwise we will charge a $25 cancellation fee on the next visit’s bill. Please contact us via phone or text to cancel service.

3. PC Repair & Return

There is a 24 warranty on all repair work done by Demeter IT, LLC. If there are any issues pertaining to the original problem that still exist, please contact us, and we will attempt to fix the issue again at no charge. This may be either by a remote session or a return visit by the original Demeter IT technician. After 24 hours or a new issue, a new service fee will be applied.

Demeter IT, LLC would also like the end users to change any passwords associated with the PC, or web services after we have worked on the system. This is for your safety, and at your discretion.